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Dear Friends, Colleagues,
The Chernobyl disaster, occurred in the result of explosion at the Chernobyl NPP in April 1986 and internationally recognized as the biggest nuclear catastrophe ever, had caused an abrupt change in Belarusian people’s lives and consciousness.
From the very first days of its existence the Research Institute of Radiology (RIR) took the leading role in working out countermeasures, recommendations, and radiation monitoring system aimed to improve Belarusian agriculture hard hit by radiation.
Since then our scientists have performed important research work which raised the level of knowledge on the potential consequences of similar disasters, and enriched the national experience of countermeasure application under severe conditions of wide-area radioactive contamination.
The Institute of Radiology is a leading con-tractor of the Belarusian State Program on Overcoming the Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident.
The RIR institutional structure embodies 6 scientific departments based in the main headquarters, and three branch offices located in Brest, Minsk and Mogilyov Regions of Belarus.
The present day RIR is well equipped with modern computer aids and laboratory equipment. Modern practices and techniques designed for collection, assessment and classification of information are used to create thematic databases and mathematical models for forecasting radionuclide accumulation in agricultural and forest products.
Since its foundation RIR has been closely cooperating with the leading scientific organizations of Belarus: Belarusian Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry; Institute of Radiobiology under the Belarusian Academy of Sciences; Republican Research Centre of Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology; Belarusian State Agricultural Academy; Belarusian State University; Centre of Agrarian Economics "Economics Institute under the Belarusian Academy of Sciences"; Research Institute of Sociology under the Belarusian Academy of Sciences; Research Centre of Agriculture under the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.
RIR principal specialists, being in great demand outside their home Institute, are often invited to give lectures at state colleges and universities. As academic advisors they supervise their students when they do their term papers, graduate works or PhD theses.
A postgraduate course in Radiobiology, available at the Institute since 1999, offers a high academic degree training programme and promotes development of Belarusian school of specialists in this field. Altogether, since its establishment there have been 6 theses defended for Doctor of Science degree and 16 candidate theses.
Owing to participating in international projects, home and international conferences and forums, seminars and meetings, as well as through mass media publications, our research work has been widely popularized in scientific circles, state and private institutions, and contributed to the development of Radiobiology as a science field.
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