Radiochemistry and Spectrometry Laboratory

Andrei B. Kukhtevich
Head of Laboratory
Tel.: +375 232 34 97 38

The Lab was created in 1999. Now its staff is divided into three professional sub-teams specializing in:
- primary sampling and sample record,
- spectrometry and radiochemistry analyses, and
- agro-chemical and zoo-technical analyses.
The laboratory is licensed to perform radiation control-related operations and has a certificate of independence and technical competence after it’s been accredited according to the National Standards of the Republic of Belarus ISO/IEC 17025-2007.
• Measurement of specific activity of 137Cs, 90Sr, 238,239,240Pu, 241Am, and natural radionuclides in environmental samples;
• Determination of total alpha-beta activity in drinking water;
• Measurement of gamma-radiation equivalent dose;
• Determination of surface beta-contamination in environmental objects;
• Determination of concentrations of incorporated gamma-emitting radionuclides in human body;
• Determination of the basic nutrient elements in soil;
• Safety and quality radiation control of food products, feed and agricultural raw materials;
• Determination of ferrocyanide mass fraction in concentrated mixed feedstuffs;
• Development of new experimental procedures and methods of analyses.
The laboratory is well equipped with state-of-the-art sensitive instrumentation from the world’s top manufacturers. Among the lab equipment used for determination of radionuclides in environmental samples are:
- Tennelec and Canberra gamma-spectroscopy systems;
- Low background alpha-beta counters: Canberra 5SE (USA), WPC 9550, PIC (USA);
- Alpha-Analyst Spectroscopy System (USA);
- Progress-Alpha Spectrometer (Russian Federation);
- Home-made dosimetry, spectrometry, radiometry instruments (Belarus).
Macro- and micro-elements are measured in SOLAAR M6 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (UK).
For express determination of structure and quality (humidity, fat, ashes, raw protein, cellulose, phosphorous, calcium) of green forage, hay, grain, etc. an infra-red analyzer InfraLUM FT-10 (Russian Federation) is used.
• Method of radiochemical determination of strontium-90 activities in soils and plants without separating strontium from calcium (Measurement Procedure Reference No. MВИ.МН 1932-2003);
• Extraction-chromatography method of separation and determination of 90Sr, 238,239,240Pu, 241Am activities in plants and natural waters using gas proportional counter (Measurement Procedure Reference No. MВИ.МН 2459-2006);
• Water sampling technique to control 137Cs and 90Sr concentrations in monitoring wells of waste disposal facilities (Measurement Procedure Reference No. MВИ.МН 2609-2006);
• Method for alpha-spectrometric determination of 238Pu and 239, 240Pu specific activities in soil and plant samples with counting sample acquisition by means of electroplating technique (Measurement Procedure Reference No. MВИ.МН 3059-2008);
• Alpha-spectrometric determination of 241Am in soil and plant samples with preliminary radiochemical sample preparation and acquisition of a counting sample by means of electrodeposition (Measurement Procedure Reference No. MВИ.МН 3621-2010);
• Measurement procedure for alpha-spectrometric determination of 238Pu, 239, 240Pu, 137Cs, 90Sr, 241Am specific activities in biological samples using ion-exchange and extraction-chromatographic materials and acquisition of a counting sample by means of electrodeposition (Measurement Procedure Reference No. MВИ.МН 4486-2012). бесплатно шаблоны dle 10 на сайте и скачать фильмы у нас на сайте есть скачать игры бесплатно бесплатно