Radioecology of Peat Soils Laboratory

Alexander G. Podolyak
Head of Laboratory
Associate Professor, PhD in Agriculture
Tel.: +375 232 34 97 54

The RIR laboratory ″Biochemistry of man-made radionuclides″ founded in 1997 was renamed in 2006 into Radioecology of Peat Soils Laboratory.
• Integrated study of the factors that limit 137Cs and 90Sr transfer from peat bog soils to plants of natural and anthropogenically-modified ecosystems;
• Specification and update of 137Cs and 90Sr transfer factors in order to substantiate the criteria of peat-bog soil agricultural usability on rehabilitated lands;
• Elaboration of practical recommendations on crop and feed production on radionuclide-contaminated peat soils;
• Elaboration of practical recommendations on optimization of peat-land use in the context of radioactive contamination.
Recommendations and Guidelines on:
• Radiation control and determination of homogeneity of foodstuff and raw material batches: crop and livestock production;
• Cultivation of Lotus corniculatus L. and Galega orientalis L. on radionuclide-contaminated lands. бесплатно шаблоны dle 10 на сайте и скачать фильмы у нас на сайте есть скачать игры бесплатно бесплатно