Agro-Ecology Laboratory

Galina V. Sedukova
Head of Laboratory
PhD in Agriculture
Tel.: +375 232 34 97 58

The Lab has been operating since the RIR’s foundation in 1986. Initially it was called ″Countermeasures in Crop Production Laboratory″ and although changed its name following inner organizational transformation in 2012, its principal objective stayed intact: Theoretical and experimental agricultural research on the territories affected in the result of the Chernobyl NPP disaster.
• Study migration of radionuclides in soil–plant chains;
• Study specific features of crop varieties related to their abilities to accumulate 137Cs and 90Sr;
• Develop recommendations on application of new technologies in agriculture contributing to reduction of radionuclide transfer in agricultural produce;
• Adopt on contaminated territories new, less-common but high-yielding feed crops as an alternative source of plant protein.
Recommendations and Guidelines on:
• Pea and lupine cultivation to provide digestible protein maintenance in the feed base for livestock in the context of radioactive contamination;
• Optimization of feed production on natural and improved meadows in the context of radioactive contamination;
• Cultivation of recognized cultivars-varieties of grain crops in the context of radioactive contamination of agricultural lands;
• Rational use of flood- and water-meadows in contaminated areas of Vetka District based on their landscape and geochemical conditions;
• Optimization of arable land structures in order to provide the feed base for livestock with green forages (experimental site: farm enterprise ″Vetka Agro-service″). бесплатно шаблоны dle 10 на сайте и скачать фильмы у нас на сайте есть скачать игры бесплатно бесплатно