Lab for Ecological-Economic Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Recovery Countermeasures

Andrey L. Mostovenko
Head of Laboratory
Tel.: +375 232 34 97 52

The Laboratory was founded in 1999 with the objective to provide scientific support as well as to assure successful adoption and adaptation of research developments and recommendations in agricultural practices on the affected territories of Belarus.
Another important task of the Lab is to improve radiological knowledge and skills of the residents through implementation of a wide variety of activities in the affected areas.
Adoption of new agricultural technologies and their individual elements on the affected territories assures rational use of radionuclide-contaminated lands, facilitates the reduction of radionuclide concentrations in agricultural foodstuffs produced on them, and simultaneously makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of agricultural production under specific ecological and economic conditions.
• Scientific support in the process of implementing agricultural re-specialization programs on the affected territories;
• Elaborate informational and analytical reports on the recovery countermeasures being implemented in the agricultural sector of the affected areas and their effectiveness, and their submission to the relevant authorities to facilitate correct decision-making;
• Develop recommendations to improve efficiency of re-specialization projects and programs implemented in agricultural enterprises;
• Provide maintenance and organizational management of Information Centres within Local Radiation Control Centres and Centres for Practical Radiological Culture created in Gomel, Brest, Mogilyov and Minsk regions of Belarus to increase radiological skills of the local population;
• Develop rehabilitation projects and provide scientific support during their implementation in agricultural enterprises;
• Perform economic analyses of the effectiveness of the recovery countermeasures.
• Methodological recommendations on reorganization and development of agro-industrial enterprises located in contaminated areas;
• Scientific support programs for the farms located in contaminated districts of Gomel Region on adoption of specialized beef breeding technologies;
• Business-plans for development and improvement of beef breeding technologies on the farms located in contaminated districts of Gomel Region;
• Farm production development programs focused on regulatory-clean farm production and its profitability rise;
• Methodological guidelines for sustainable management of farm production on radioactively contaminated territories using the example of cooperation and integration development between economic operators of Chechersk district of Gomel Region;
• Methodological instructions for agricultural enterprises on rational selection of farm specialization in the context of radioactive contamination of farm lands;
• Project proposals for sustainable farm management in Vetka district of Gomel Region based on cooperation and integration between stakeholders;
• Calculation procedure to assess economic effect of the research developments towards overcoming the Chernobyl accident consequences and implemented in agro-industrial sector of the affected areas;
• Project on allocation of pastures and hayfields for livestock in localities where 90Sr concentration levels in dairy products exceed the specified permissible limits for whole milk. бесплатно шаблоны dle 10 на сайте и скачать фильмы у нас на сайте есть скачать игры бесплатно бесплатно