Post-Graduate Training

Postgraduate Education
A postgraduate course in Radiobiology, available at the Institute since 1999, offers an advanced training programme of high academic degree ensuring maintenance and promoting development of Belarusian school of specialists in this scientific area.
Its initialization obviously relates to the problems of post-Chernobyl recovery of contaminated areas, in the first place, with the focus on studying migration of radionuclides in agro-sphere and development of effective countermeasures.
Altogether since its establishment, the training course has been accomplished by 19 postgraduates, including 8 fellows who defended their Ph.D. theses. Today, there are 6 postgraduates and 1 Ph. D. student engaged in the course. Some of them have already passed their exams in Philosophy, Science Methodology, foreign language, and a test in Basics of Information Technologies.
The core curriculum of postgraduate training is planned based on the need to educate researchers and scientists of high qualification and of those scientific fields which are required for implementation of the National Programme on Overcoming the Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident.
As a rule, 3 postgraduates join the course every year. The entrance exams take place in the fourth quarter of the year. Admission is based on the requirements stipulated in the "Instructions on Training the Researchers of High Qualification in the Field of Radiobiology in the Republic of Belarus". During the entrance, the preference in equal conditions is given to those who have partly or entirely passed the candidate exams, or those having practical experience in their specialization of not less than 2 years and processing skills and abilities for creative scientific work, which can seen from the number/availability of scientific publications, participation in research projects, conferences, seminars and workshops, etc.
The topics of theses are naturally selected based on the current research work performed by the Institute within the scope of the State Chernobyl Programme.
Before the Academic Council approves a topic of a thesis, all such topics are subject to internal discussions within corresponding structural departments which decide on justification of the proposed topics of research, their applicability and ways of accomplishment, relevance to the current and most important areas of research. Based on the results of these internal discussions, structural departments suggest their recommendations to the Academic Council with regard to each proposed thesis.
After the topic has been approved, the Director of the Institute appoints an Academic Adviser for each of the postgraduates. Academic advisers are usually chosen out of Doctors or Candidates of Science having rich experience in practical research work within the areas of theses.
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